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Full Stack JavaScript Engineering

Course Details

Full Stack JavaScript Engineering

Durations: 12 weeks

Hours per week: 35 Hours

Course Pre-requisite

There are no strict entry requirements, but admission is based on a set of criteria to help decide on your suitability for the course. However, application is opened to all and we highly encourage you to drop by our office in Yaba, Lagos for a face to face consultation for us to help guide you on the best path.

We offer foundational beginner courses to help those who have no previous experience in the IT industry; whether professionally or as an hobby. This will increase your chances of being accepted on the course.

Course Description

The Full Stack is a project-oriented programme composed of modular courses listed on this page. From day one, you will be encouraged to start thinking about your desired final project. This project could be something you’ve had on your mind for a while and just need the necessary skills to achieve it.

During the course, you will gain those valuable skills and you will be guided on how to analyse and design your project with the ultimate aim of delivering at the very least, a working prototype by the end of the programme. This will help you to build a portfolio that you can use to demonstrate your talent to prospective employers or clients.

Professional Mentors

As part of our holistic Full Stack training programme, we have partnered with top professional Software Engineers in UK to provide mentorship to students enrolled in the programme. You will benefit immensely in your professional development by learning from those who’ve already been there. These mentors have been kind enough to offer some of their valuable time to help you through the Full stack programme.

Ersan Hakki

Scrum Master | Agile Delivery Manager

Agile Delivery Manager / Certified Scrum Master, used to working with stakeholders of all levels to deliver change through structured processes and technology transformation.

Ramesh Nair

Experienced Javascript Developer, Blockchain and Machine Learning enthusiast

A graduate from Imperial College London with a Masters in Computer Science and have worked in many sectors including media, non-profit, and retail. He is an experienced developer with track record of leading technical teams and solving challenging problems to meet business goals.