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Advanced Programming with JavaScript

Course Details

Advanced Programming with JavaScript

Duration: 2 weeks

Hours per week: 15 hours

Total hours: 30 hours

Course price: ₦79,000

Course Pre-requisite

There are no specific requirement apart from having a keen interest in programming. You’re expected to also have a strong academic background which will help you to fully take advantage of this demanding and challenging course.

Course Introduction

JavaScript is a dynamic language that has become a must-have skill for IT Professionals today. It is literally everywhere. It is the de-facto language used by web browsers that has now become an essential part of modern life.

With Node.js, JavaScript now spreads its wings to backend systems as well, driving high traffic websites on major platforms including PayPal, Netflix, Uber, and many more.

Who is this course designed for?

This course is aimed at those looking to:

  • Enhance and gain proficiency in the world’s most popular language; JavaScript
  • Have the fundamental skill required to become a truly Fullstack Engineer that can operate both on the Frontend and Backend of a web application

Course Description

Programming with JavaScript is a course designed to expose you to the essentials of modern-day programming techniques and best practices. A balanced presentation of Software Engineering principles and practical assignments will ensure you get the best from this training.

Course Schedule

The course runs twice in a month. The class runs in the morning during weekedays.

Dates & TimesMorning class
Start Time10am
End Time1pm

Payment Details

Payment can be made to our registered company details below:

Bank Name:Zenith Bank plc
Account Name:Agogo Business Solutions Ltd
Account Number:1015130629
Contact Number:081 2057 1914

NOTE: Craft Turf is a trading name of our registered company Agogo Business Solutions Ltd (RC 138546).


Our training center is fully equipped to support your learning and development. Here you will find like-minded individuals who simply love and enjoying coding. We are also aware that the environment of study can have a significant impact on how well you absorb new information. Just some of the features of our classrooms are:

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply
  • FREE internet
  • Restroom and kitchen (FREE drinking water supply)
  • Air conditioning
  • Large-screen TV